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Summary of 2021 on the Binance exchange.

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

A summary of my most successful events on the Binance exchange in 2021.

Your year in Crypto, find out how you traded?

My discoveries, coins, moments and achievements that made 2021 so special.

Thanks to Crypto Journey, every user of the Binance exchange can check their events that made the year 2021 with cryptocurrencies special.

My Achievements

Almost 4 years of trading with the Binance exchange

About 12 million PLN of turnover in 2021!

Almost 1 million PLN of turnover in one day !!

I am most surprised that I have made such a big turnover this year. I know that in the new year it will beat the previous achievements !! From this place, I would like to wish all readers my best wishes for the New Year, Only successful transactions, big profits and turnover, successive growth of cryptocurrencies in your wallets, and in your private life a lot of love, joy, health and peace of mind.

Wish you Sieracki Milosz

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