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The Avinoc NFT Savings Plan.

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Avinoc NFT saving plan with extended basic setting.

The available settings for the NFT Avinoc savings have been expanded

Due to numerous requests and the desire to lower the activation threshold of the "AVINOC NFT Savings Plan" (min. EUR 100 so far), the relevant extension was activated tonight in Backoffice SAFIR. From now on, it is possible to lower this threshold to 1 (one) EURO.

For this purpose, a POP-UP has been activated in the backoffice, which directly redirects to the settings for this purpose. Here you can also set the maximum effect with a single button press (see screenshot)

How Withdraw NFT SAVINGS ?

In the course of the next week, the AVINOC NFTs generated by the NFT Savings Plan directly or by the "Community Benefits" can be resolved under the menu item Balance / Withdraw NFT SAVINGS. These will then be automatically sent to the ZENIQ App (Wallet) connected to the back office and a staking will begin.

NFT Savings Plan - Through achieved benefits to AVINOC Tokens (NFT).

Users receive, depending on their personal settings, AVINOC tokens (displayed in the SAFIR backoffice as "AVINOC NFT Balance"). Once received, they are sent as NFT to the relevant wallet of the ZENIQ app linked to the backoffice and wagering begins (NFT with a wagering period of 10 years / 10% wagering rewards per year)

The AVINOC / NFTs incl. Staking Rewards total 200% over the entire staking period can be remedied by the respective user through the underlying SmartContract at any time in the ZENIQ App.

What Benefits through the "NFT Savings Plan" ?

If the benefit of the user leads to the application of the "NFT Savings Plan", the corresponding upline also benefits.

5% of the tokens are distributed to the upline (10 LEVELS up) in 10 equal parts to their AVINOC NFT balance (Dashboard) - automatically (with dynamic compression)!

Users can in turn receive these tokens, which results in the NFT being transferred to the appropriate wallet of the connected ZENIQ application. And the next stake starts (see above)!

Overall, this process, among other things, additionally contributes to the positive development of AVINOC token prices in the medium term.

What additional passive income opportunities does the Zeniq ecosystem offer?

There are many possibilities, including:

Passive income for staking, at the moment we can attack the Avinoc token (the apy is different depending on the choice of the staking period.

Zeniq Coin miting by purchasing a Hub or the so-called in-house meeting hub, which generates coin income for about 22 years, and now you can pre-order each hub or part of it, you can buy the TUPAN minting package (More information about Tupan can be found here CLICK).

Another way to increase your income is through a referral program that offers a number of benefits including:

For each new person you invite to use Zeniq services and make a purchase, you receive 10% of the sales value.

For each staking of the person you invite, you get a bonus in the form of stacked tokens.

If the user obtains a Zeniq payment card and makes payments, you will receive 1/5 of the transaction fee.

When the Zeniq cryptocurrency exchange is launched (later this year), just like in the case of other exchanges, for the person we invite to use the platform, we will receive 1/5 of the commission on each transaction made by the recommended person.

In addition, Zeniq coin holders will be able to stack coins, which will qualify us for withdrawals from the total turnover of the exchange (It will be the first exchange that will give 100% of its income to the user freezing coins).

As in the case of Hubs, for purchases of other products in the Safir store, we will receive a 10% commission on sales.

If someone becomes more involved and works more, he can build his own structure and then the possibilities of passive income are endless (more on this topic can be found below in the presentation)

If you are interested in learning about the possibilities offered by ZENIQ, please see my presentation (CLICK)

Payment of performance benefits for the month of July

As a rule, payment of the performance benefit (share points achieved in each case) takes place no later than on the 10th day of the respective following month.

In the last days and weeks some new features have been activated, e.g. the NFT AVINOC SAVINGS PLAN. However, this was not fully taken into account last night, in the test mode for the pool payout. Since every user should benefit from his settings regarding AVINOC NFT (SAVINGS PLAN) also in the course of the Performance Benefit payout, this will now be technically readjusted again.

The performance benefit for the month of July 2022 will therefore be paid at this time on the night of August 14-15 (Sunday to Monday) at the latest. If this happens sooner, we will of course inform you immediately.

If you still want to set the best possible efficiency for the NFT SAVINGS PLAN, you can easily do this by pressing a button on the displayed POP-UP in the personal back office or under the menu item Account / NFT SAVINGS PLAN.


The smaller the activation threshold and the higher the percentage, the more AVINOCs NFT and resulting Staking Rewards!

(At the smallest activation threshold of 1 EURO and the highest percentage of 30%, this process is executed in the highest efficiency).

My name is Milosz Sieracki, I have been dealing with my own business for 6 years, and I also deal with the broadly understood cryptocurrency industry, self-development and building my passive income. I am also a certified consultant of Zeniq Technology Fintech Enterprises.

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