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The delivery of the ZENIQ Hub continues.

The international delivery of the ZENIQ Hub has been operating at full capacity for several weeks. Many satisfied customers around the world already have their Hub in their hands.

With each subsequent batch of deliveries, we significantly increase our delivery capabilities.

Nevertheless, we do need the help of our customers because important information is missing from many orders.

It is imperative that the delivery addresses are correct and confirmed at the back office of our official SAFIR partner for delivery to take place. If this is not correct or not confirmed, delivery cannot take place.

For this reason, not all deliveries have been made as planned as of today.

ZENIQ hope that all missing hubs (ordered in 2021) will be completed by the end of September 2022 at the latest.

Many community members around the world have received their HUBs, then thousands will follow in addition within the next weeks and month, but not everyone is aware of this. Therefore, we would like to push our #GOTMYHUB campaign to share the receipt of ZENIQ HUBs on all social media channels.

Everyone who has received a HUB so far should post it on social media channels in the form of unboxing videos or posts and mention/tag our official social media channels to share our hub with the world.

You want to know more about our ecosystem and its parts?

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