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The first medical product appeared in the Safir back office store - iFibr MedBed-S Regeneration

iFibr MedBed-S Regeneration fitness well-being. The first product in the medical department appeared in the Zeniq & Safir store

As announced at the last event in Dubai, the first product in the category of medicine was launched. This is the MedBed duvet of Ifibr.

How does ifibr work?

The special silicon crystals found in the therapeutic South Korean

healing clay ae refined via a patented nanotechnology process that

transforms them into a fibre - the valuable Fibrilium.

This fibre reflects the body’s own radiation, in the infrared range, to stimulate a faster

regeneration and to enhance the well-being of the body. Therefore, making you feel

more relaxed and giving you the ability to recover quicker in your sleep.

The result:

A newfound energy and quality of life

for a productive and relaxed day!

In order to make these positive features available for you, we have developed a variation of ifibr products.

They consist of Fibrilium fibres that are woven into fabrics for an array of different purposes.

For example, the ifibr mattress covers improve blood circulation through the reflection of the body’s own

high-energy radiation.

This results in an improved nutrient and oxygen supply and an increased removal of metabolic products via the lymphatic system, causing the entire organism to be positively influenced.

Holistic health encouragement in your sleep!

Special features at a glance:

  • Consists of cotton (70%) and health-promoting

  • high-tech Fibrilium (30%)

  • Better regeneration during sleep

  • Supports the immune system, whilst counteracting heat loss

  • Well-being is enhanced by the reflection of the body’s

  • radiation

  • Recovered radiation energy has a positive effect on

  • the entire body

  • Metabolism, as well as blood circulation and

  • oxygen transport, is improved

  • Health promotion

  • Using ifibr positively affects cells

  • Holistic product for increasing quality of life

  • Holistic health encouragement in your sleep!

The offered product is available for purchase at the Back Office Safir. Shop> Overview> Health Tech. If you do not have an account at Safir yet, you can create one in the link (click)

Available in 5 sizes:






The price is 1,499.00 Euro

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