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The future of digital assets by Zeniq

The future of digital assets by Zeniq The long-awaited event took place on 09/21/2021 in Dubai

TODAY is the day! ZENIQ is holding a crucial event on the future of digital assets that will address the key aspects of the new revolution that is already here.

From the Armani Hotel Dubai in Burj Khalifa to the World.

We will have speakers such as Erwin Dokter and Mohammed M. Yasin (ZENIQ), Oderli Feriani (Real Estate and Eco-System Tokenization), Andrew Cover (MEA Finance), Paco Bree (Artist) and many more.

You want to be part of our grand finale?


The livestream will start at 21.05 Dubai time and the show at 21.10 Dubai time. Make sure you are on time!

Trust us, we will blow your mind! Ready?

Make your account here and check the possibilities of Zeniq-Safir Ecosystem (click)

More About Zeniq-Safir

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