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The preparation of our new Multi-Exchange App is over and it is now in the phase of live-testing.

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Dear Community!

As I promised last week, I would like to address you again. Today I wish to inform you about our products and services.

The preparation of our new Multi-Exchange App is over and it is now in the phase of live-testing. For this purpose, we have selected some customers and community members who are now using our application successfully. The Multi-Exchange App will soon be available on the market. As the most important information and details about the product are of course a bit more extensive and we still have some time until the end of the testing phase, I would like to inform you about further details of this product via the further newsletter. 

At this point I would like to address the following topic:

As part of our strategy, we have already developed the product during ICO, i.e. before the actual start of the project, and delivered it to our customers. This distinguishes us from most other similar market participants. Smart Arbitrage Software is still a unique product on the market and offers both inexperienced investors and professionals an extremely powerful tool to facilitate trading on the crypto market. Its technical capabilities enable you to conduct profitable arbitration transactions in the best possible way. 

The winners of our last year's Trading Contest before contacting our software have never traded on the crypto markets. They are the best example that our software is also suitable for beginners, but as a product it requires some adaptation to its functionality. 

The market is constantly changing. In my opinion the flexibility of the strategy is as important as its integrity. On our way to become a recognized crypto trading software developer, we have not only focused on our goal, but also many times our reaction was necessary. Based on the changes and insights we reacted to the development of new strategies. We did so to create products that work well in the market and provide easy access for our clients, even if they had no prior knowledge.

On this basis, we developed the Smart Trade GO! system, which enables everyone to trade effectively with the help of trading bots. 

Our new application combines the advantages of these two product lines. You will also find the tools that we informed you about several months ago and have been working on their implementation since then. 

You will find out more about this in our newsletter next week. It will also be a further development of our GO! that we will also inform you about. 

Let me now turn to the second point, which in my opinion is a milestone in the history of the Smart Trade project. Listing on the exchange.  

Last week I have already informed you that we have not only received the date of Latoken's listing in the second half of 2020, but also of the listing on other exchanges. I am glad that we exceeded your expectations when we can now publish the listing dates for 5 exchanges:

  • 24.08.2020 Latoken

  • 08.09.2020 Exrates

  • 16.09.2020 P2PB28

  • 01.10.2020 Alter-dice

  • 05.10.2020 Dex-trade

As I have already mentioned, as a token eminent, it is not up to us to develop TRADE values. However, we can do our homework and promote listing on the exchanges to broaden our product offer and to appear on a greater market.

This also includes an important issue that will be addressed in April, before listing on the exchanges. The so-called 'burning' of surplus tokens to increase the sustainable chance of a positive outcome. The value of a token is determined solely by supply and demand. The fewer tokens, the greater the demand can be. Our experts are currently working on a strategy to determine the optimal level of existing tokens, and we will report back in April along with our results.

I am very pleased that there is a good team at my side to perform these tasks efficiently and I would like to officially thank them for their successful work. But this is only one element that has made our project so successful. The second element is you - the community.

Once again, I would like to involve you and ask you to do your best in the coming months, until the first listing, to further develop this community. At this point it is also about supply and demand. We are great and successful, but it is only possible to sustain and expand our success with a strong and extensive international community.

Each day our community is growing by an average of 500 members, which is an amazing result - and together we can do even more.

Yours sincerely,

Daan Van Koelen

CEO of Smart Trade Coin


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