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The Safir Big Boom Summit: Unveiling the Majestic Desert Pearl

The Safir Big Boom Summit Unveils The Desert Pearl: Redefining Tokenization and Real Estate

Safir Big Boom Summit: Unveiling the Majestic Desert Pearl

The highly anticipated and eagerly awaited Big Boom Summit took place on August 5, 2023, at the prestigious Burj Khalifa Ballroom in Dubai. Attendees from all corners of the world gathered to witness an event that surpassed all expectations, leaving a lasting impact on the SAFIR community and the global recommendation marketing landscape.

An Unforgettable Event

The guest list was nothing short of impressive, with top-ranking personalities gracing the occasion to show their support for the main attraction of the day. The sense of honor and privilege in hosting such esteemed guests was palpable during the project's launch event.

a special welcome to HH Sheikh Manaa Bin Hasher AL Maktoum

The Absolute Highlight: The Desert Pearl

The Desert Pearl, a project of exclusive magnitude, stands as a milestone in architectural human history. It surpasses anything previously seen in the realm of tokenization and the real estate sector on a global scale. The project encompasses a wide array of categories, from luxurious hotels and residences to shopping malls and even a planetarium. With a staggering development cost of ten billion EUR, The Desert Pearl sets itself apart as a groundbreaking worldwide icon.

Comparing it to esteemed structures like the Burj al Arab, The Palm Islands, and the Burj Khalifa, The Desert Pearl is undoubtedly on its way to becoming a global tourism magnet. A visit to this awe-inspiring place will surely find its place on many bucket lists worldwide.

To get a glimpse of the project's scale and scope, a video teaser showcasing the shopping mall below the visible construction is available here. Additional videos will be released soon, providing further insights into this extraordinary undertaking.

The Power of Tokenization

Adding to the significance of The Desert Pearl, the project is tokenized on the ZENIQ SmartChain, made possible through masternodes exclusively available at SAFIR. This pioneering move in referral marketing promises to create a seismic impact that exceeds any previous endeavors.

Massive incentive to the pre sale start the Desert Pearl

Your Kick Start to Success

The much-awaited pre-sale phase of masternodes for minting The Desert Pearl token has begun. This opportunity comes with an unprecedented 130% minting power, available for a limited time until August 12, 2023, at 8 pm GMT. Thereafter, the minting factor will reduce to 110%, with weekly reductions until minting starts. Starting with just EUR 100, you can embark on this incredible journey.

The Real Estate Sector in the UAE: A Special Endeavor

The UAE real estate market holds exceptional profit margins, particularly for ultra-luxury properties. The Desert Pearl's sheer size and exclusivity position it to garner immense global interest, receiving unparalleled institutional support. Being the largest tokenization project to date, it attracts a rapidly growing audience and offers unique investment opportunities.

Key Advantages of The Desert Pearl

  • Tokenized Land and Construction: The project's tokenization covers both the land and the construction, offering significant advantages over traditional real estate investments.

  • Price Support Mechanism: To buy an apartment, a participant must pay 50% of the purchase price in DESERT PEARL tokens, generating substantial price support for the token.

  • Continuous Development: Additional mechanisms will be introduced, propelling the token's growth alongside numerous "standard indicators."

For more in-depth details about this sensational project, visit the website of SAFIR's cooperation partner, DDX, here.


The Safir Big Boom Summit unveiled the extraordinary Desert Pearl, a project that transcends boundaries and redefines possibilities in the world of tokenization and real estate. With its unprecedented scale and uniqueness, The Desert Pearl promises to become an iconic global landmark and a magnet for tourists worldwide.

Entering the world of SAFIR is a straightforward process .The following steps outline how individuals can join and participate:​

  1. Register for free on HERE(CLICK) and create a personal backoffice.

  2. Explore and familiarize yourself with the backoffice, which offers valuable resources and information.

  3. Choose a masternode product portfolio pack that aligns with your investment goals.

  4. Activate your minters (masternodes) to start producing your digital assets 24/7.

  5. Download the NOMO App and connect it with your backoffice for seamless asset management and communication.

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