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The TUPAN Drone tokenization project launching.

A new way of Cargo delivery in the world
New project that will amaze anyone involved in future technologies: TUPAN TDrone!

Our cooperation partner ZENIQ opens the way to tokenization in numerous industries. Another new project that will amaze anyone involved in future technologies: The TUPAN Drone!

The TUPAN Drone is a spectacular, innovative aerial cargo delivery vehicle. It is an HSVSTOL* unmanned aerial vehicle capable of performing multiple missions in the civil domain and operating at low or high airspeeds due to its versatile propulsion options - turbofan, propeller or EDF.

The goal:

A paradigm shift in global cargo transport. Today, this service is provided by trucks, trains, and ships (cheap but slow) or aircraft (fast but expensive). In the future, the goal is to be able to provide many of these services by a new autonomous air cargo service - TUPAN (fast and low cost).

The whole world is looking for solutions - TUPAN can and will be one of them!

The potential derived from TUPAN's technological advantage is almost unlimited. In aviation alone, according to (Statista is the market leader in providing reliable business data), cargo revenue in 2021 was an staggering $175 billion USD. AND that is just the air cargo revenue!

The next way of cargo transportation between cities and countries

The TUPAN drone, currently an unrivalled technological masterpiece!

The growing importance of carbon fibre composites in the aerospace industry has made it easier to design high-performance, reliable and economical aircraft, improving efficiency, reducing battery consumption and minimizing direct operating costs.

In addition, TUPAN uses the latest technologies in aircraft design, such as:

- Navigation camera image and data analysis

- Inertial system with redundancy of control sensors and navigation displays

- Manual flight with stability control

- Communication bus for future use of other accessories

- Data telemetry to track flight data on route, sensors, battery status, altitude and speed

- Carbon fibre composites

Additional information about the project is provided HERE

Tupan TDron Presentation Aircraft 2023
Download PDF • 3.11MB

Presale masternode incentive Tdrone extended

Due to the fact that exactly at the time of the PreSale launch of the TDRONE master nodes, the SEPA Deposit function was suspended for a short period of time (infrastructural expansion of our service provider in this regard), the PreSale INCENTIVE is being extended at short notice. This is to give users the opportunity to still take advantage of this INCENTIVE and exchange fiat currencies into crypto elsewhere until the SEPA Deposit function is reactivated with expanded options. More on this as the activation progresses.

  1. The INCENTICE PreSale Minting factor of currently 120% is still valid for February 01, 2023.

  2. In the period between February 02 and February 15, 2023, an increased INCENTIVE PreSale Minting factor of 115% still applies.

From February 16, 2023, the PreSale will go into the usual mode and start at 110%, which will subsequently decrease by one percentage point each week until minting begins.

I hope we were able to meet the community's request in the best possible way with this solution.

My name is Milosz Sieracki, and thank you for checking out my website, I have been dealing with my own business in Poland and also dealing with the broadly understood cryptocurrency industry, self-development, and building my passive income. I am also a consultant at Zeniq Technology Fintech Enterprises and today I would like to tell you more about the possibilities that Zeniq offers..

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