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regardless tokeniaztion logo film project


Our cooperation partner ZENIQ opens the way to tokenization in several industries at the same time. Another highly innovative project: #REGARDLESS.

It is the tokenization of the movie "Regardless", which will be released and tokenized on the #ZENQ smartchain thanks to the revolutionary ZENIQ technology. It is an absolute novelty to tokenize an entire movie.

The film was shown at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival and received an amazing response. Gala premieres are planned for next year in major cities such as Istanbul, Paris, Berlin, Los Angeles and many other countries to spread the film along with its message of hope and perseverance.

For information:

Tokenization is the process of converting something that has intrinsic value into a monetary system that can be used in a blockchain application. In this process, the ownership rights of an asset are converted into digital tokens. Tokens reflect shared ownership of indivisible assets.

Background of the movie:


Premiere: Cannes Film Festival 2022

Director: Erdal Murat Aktaş

Duration: 1 hour 56 minutes

This captivating film is based on a true incident. It tells of the rise of a young man (Ilhan Dogan) from a poor background. The drama follows the life path of the main character with all its unexpected twists and difficulties, leaving the viewer breathless.

Under the menu item "REGARDLESS / About", SAFIR Backoffice provides a lot of information about the project, including a film trailer.

Regardless minting add on presale minting power on safir backoffice


As of NOW, REGARDLESS masternodes are available for purchase in the SAFIR Backoffice under "Shop / Blockchain Tech". With these, the so-called REGARDLESS tokens can be minted. The PRE-SALE of REGARDLESS Masternodes with a minting factor of 110% has thus started.

Let the hardware work for you .

Two more companies are in production (one called Picasso actually finished) and an 8-episode series, which will also be shown in cinemas in many countries around the world, and Netflix etc. I NOTE:

With REGARDLESS Tokens, you will participate in the profits of all of them!

Tokeniaztion of PROJECT SIDI started! (Real estate project). On zeniq smartchain

TOKENIZATION PROJECT SIDI started! (Real estate project)

The launch of the first tokenization project of our cooperation partner ZENIQ in the field of Real Estate was received with great enthusiasm. Real Estate is probably an exciting topic for anyone interested in things of value.

#SIDO Immobilien GmbH This is a real estate company based in Graz. SIDO Immobilien GmbH combines the advantages of real estate investment with the flexibility of Tokenization. It is characterized by asset management using ZENIQ #Blockchain technology and value protection through the underlying real estate portfolio, as well as high growth potential through years of business activity in various industries. Especially now, it is even more important to protect savings against inflation and depreciation, and to increase purchasing power. Become an investor following the motto "Save money!"

SIDI Minting

As of IMMEDIATELY, SIDI masternodes are available for purchase in the SAFIR Backoffice under "Shop / Blockchain Tech". With these, the so-called #SIDITokens can be minted. The PRE-SALE of SIDI Masternodes with a minting factor of 110% has thus started.

Sidi minting add presale 110% minting power avaiable in safir backoffice

Please note that Minting Power, which is currently 110% and will decrease.

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