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Tupan Token Minting starts soon

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

The premiere of the minting of TUPAN coins is fast approaching

All final technical tests regarding TUPAN token minting on the ZENIQ SmartChain have been successful as planned.

The minting transactions of the test nodes to date can be viewed transparently at

Nothing stands in the way of the immediate TUPAN Minting launch!

This will take place on 01 September 2022. The minting factor of 101% remains in place until minting is activated. From this moment on, minting will start with the regular minting factor of 100%, including the activation of both SALES and TIME halving.

We look forward to launching Minting and the additional mechanisms it will bring to the ZENIQ ecosystem.

Tupan Minting starts

All final technical tests for TUPAN Token Minting on the ZENIQ SmartChain have been successfully completed.


Minting of the TUPAN token STARTED

The process of minting TUPAN has begun. The entire "TUPAN Minting" process takes place on the ZENIQ SmartChain. This can be viewed clearly at

Of course, similar to the ZENIQ minting, a direct connection is also provided by Backoffice SAFIR for each full TUPAN node in the "TUPAN" menu item. This allows the minting results of each individual master node to be transparently tracked.

By activating minting, TIME and SALE Halving were activated simultaneously. If a user orders / activates a TUPAN masternode from now on, the current breakout factor is also displayed during the ordering process, along with other information.

TUPAN Minting on the ZENIQ SmartChain additionally leads to countless minting transactions and associated fees that are used to burn ZENIQ coins. A mechanism, inter alia, who has a lasting positive impact on the development of the ZENIQ coin price.

We will inform you immediately about the listing of the TUPAN token on commercial exchanges. Extensive preparatory work has also been carried out here - stay tuned!

We look forward to launching coin minting and related additional mechanisms in the ZENIQ ecosystem. The sensational TUPAN project - we are sure - will bring us all much more joy. But not only us - also the wonderful land on which we are allowed to live!

The future not only looks good - it looks great!

Important Note:

As can be seen in the TUPAN presentations, TUPAN Minting uses a highly innovative procedure that still has great potential for the future.

The beating process goes through four phases:

Phase 1: Pollination

Phase 2: Irrigation

Phase 3: Blooming

Phase 4: Harvest

(A detailed description of this process is available in TUPAN presentations, you will see my presentation by clicking here.

During the start of the capture, it may happen that the first tokens minted will not be visible until 5 days after the start of the capture.

The number of minted tokens per user can also vary significantly in the first few days as this depends on the phase in which your own HUB is already in the process of minting. These differences are automatically leveled out at the start after a short time.

The process is fully automatic on a technical level!

The respective user has no influence on it or does not have to worry about it.

Tupan Minting starts today

In the near future, many more projects will follow.

Here is what you need to know about the start of Tupan Minting:

  • Three phases are important: pollination, irrigation and blooming events are the main phases of the Tupan Minting.

  • In each phase, the ZENIQ Hubs interacts with each other to support the minting.

  • For the support of the respective hubs, there is a number of Tupan tokens depending on the total number of hubs in the minting process.

  • The Tupan minting starts today, but the number of tokens displayed in the back-office, will take 3-5 days until they are shown.

This is the beginning of an excitement journey for our environment and our world.

  • (Registration does not take more than a minute)

  • In a new window, the Safir website on which you create an account will open.

  • You enter basic information such as username, first name, e-mail and password, accept the regulations and press the Register button.

  • An e-mail with the activation code will be sent to the e-mail address provided.

  • You are now in the Zeniq community and can benefit from all the services offered by Zeniq & Safir


In the course of the minting start, which is a LIVE minting, it was still necessary to make calibrations regarding Oracle related to the rainfall, which is only possible in LIVE mode. This affects the time it takes for the seeds to bloom. This has no influence on the amount of minted tokens.

Some users can already see their tokens minted on it in the SAFIR backoffice under the menu item TUPAN next to the respective wallet addresses. Within the next 24 hours, most of them (starting from the date of the order/activation of the respective masternode) should go through the 4 phases and the minted tokens should be visible on the wallet addresses respectively in the backoffice.


Every time a user orders / activates a Masternode TUPAN, he must go through all 4 phases from that point on. Therefore, it always takes a few days from the date of ordering for the first chips to appear.

As can be seen in the TUPAN presentations and as already communicated many times, a highly innovative procedure is used for TUPAN extraction, which still has great potential for the future.

Especially in the course of minting start, the number of minted TOKENS per masternode can differ greatly.

Each masternode must go through all four (4) phases. Since it depends on which phase it is currently in, the number of minted Tokens per masternode can differ greatly (especially in the course of minting start).

Also nodes, which are already in the minting process, but do not yet show any token, are not rare and completely normal. These differences at the start automatically balance themselves out again over time.

The process is fully automatic on a technical level!

The respective user has no influence on it and does not have to worry about it.

TupanCast explains the migration process from Tupan Token to Zeniq blockchain

Founder Tupan Oderli Feriani and CEO of Zeniq Erwin Dokter explain questions related to migration, symbolic recognition, benefits, buying and selling, projects, etc.

This episode is the first in a series devoted to questions from our community.

The Tupan Token was born to assertively achieve the necessary transition to a regenerative and circular bioeconomy.

By joining the high technology of crypto assets blockchain, with the most extraordinary demands of the century, Tupan brings you the opportunity to make a difference in the environment while enjoying an investment with a high potential for appreciation.

This innovative minting concept, proposed firsthand by ZENIQ, aims to engage users by reflecting the cultural and natural aspects of the Amazonia region in the minting process.

Translating the complex mathematical processes involved in blockchain technology into intuitive storytelling that the Tupan Token investor easily comprehends.

Tupan Investment Fund

Purchase of land with an intact rainforest

Reforestation of damaged habitats

At the moment, 3.69 billion m3 has been purchased


A product of agriculture's novelty



Several local companies with 67+ patents in registration

CO certificates for trading carbon dioxide emission allowances on the global market.

My name is Milosz Sieracki, I have been dealing with my own business for 6 years, and I also deal with the broadly understood cryptocurrency industry, self-development and building my passive income. I am also a certified consultant of Zeniq Technology Fintech Enterprises.

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