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Unlocking the Future of Business Aviation: Startup VOO Minting

Updated: Sep 13

VOO Flights - Lets move the sky business aviation B2C Commercial airlines, marketplace

In world of digital business solutions, VOO has emerged as a trailblazer, pioneering a groundbreaking B2B marketplace that simplifies the complexities of business jet flights. VOO's innovative platform allows users to effortlessly search, book, pay for, and manage all aspects of their business jet travel needs. This article will delve into the world of VOO, exploring its unique offerings and recent milestone – the launch of VOO Minting.

Unveiling the World of VOO

The Digital B2B Marketplace

VOO's significance in the aviation industry cannot be overstated. It stands as the inaugural digital B2B marketplace dedicated to business jet travel. With VOO, users gain access to an array of interfaces providing real-time data and information crucial for their travel decisions. This includes information on aircraft availability, charter prices, aircraft equipment, route details, and much more. VOO caters to a global business segment worth billions, streamlining a once-complicated process into an effortless experience.

VOO Minting Takes Flight

A Night to Remember

The night of 29/08/2023 marked a pivotal moment in VOO's journey. It was on this memorable night that VOO Minting was officially launched. This launch, validated through the SmartChain, set the stage for VOO's already-purchased Masternodes to start minting the VOO Token. For those curious to witness this in action, the live minting process can be observed on the SmartChain block explorer.

Transparent Mirroring

What sets VOO Minting apart is its transparency. Users can track the mirroring of minting results, providing a clear view of how the process unfolds. This transparency extends to the "VOO / VOO Minting" menu, where minting shares' mirroring results become available after a brief period, based on past experience.

Empowering Sales and Time Management

VOO Minting's launch brought about more than just token generation; it empowered sales and introduced a unique time halving mechanism. Commencing with 100% minting power at the start, the halving algorithm gradually reduces the minting factor for each newly activated or purchased VOO Masternode. This means that as time progresses, the minting factor decreases, adding an intriguing dynamic to the VOO ecosystem.

The Expansive Vision of VOO

Beyond Private Aviation

While VOO was initially conceived as a solution for "Private Aviation," its potential has since grown exponentially. The worldwide interest in VOO has transcended its original scope, attracting attention from commercial airlines. VOO is actively working towards integrating commercial airlines into its portfolio, positioning itself to tap into nearly every facet of the aviation industry. It's an evolution that promises unparalleled possibilities.

A Glimpse of the Future

To provide a better understanding of VOO's innovative B2B marketplace for "Business Aviation," a video has been created. This video serves as an introduction, showcasing VOO's unique capabilities to brokers and operators. Take a moment to explore the future of aviation: Watch the Video

The Sky is the Limit

A Thriving Industry

The aviation industry is one of the world's largest, surpassing even the combined scale of the automotive and pharmaceutical industries. VOO's disruptive approach positions it as a key player in this colossal sector.

Joining the VOO Ecosystem

Presently, VOO boasts a substantial customer base, with over 75 operators and more than 100 brokers utilizing its platform. This user base is on a steady upward trajectory, showcasing VOO's growing influence. Notably, a few weeks ago, one of the world's largest brokers registered for an extensive test of the VOO marketplace. This development underscores VOO's rapid ascent in the industry.

Moving the Sky Together

In conclusion, VOO's journey is nothing short of remarkable. As it pioneers the digital B2B marketplace for business aviation, it's poised to reshape the industry's landscape. The possibilities are boundless, and the sky is not the limit – it's the beginning.

Securing Your Spot in the Program

The anticipation is building, and you're probably wondering how you can secure your place in this groundbreaking loyalty program. Well, the process is straightforward. Head over to VOO's official website HERE, and take the first step toward unlocking a world of benefits.

Important Note: Referral Codes

Before you proceed, here's a crucial step: make sure to reach out to your "sponsor" for a referral link (code) that you'll need during the registration process. If I happen to be your "sponsor" or if you don't have one yet, feel free to use the following code: STSW0C.


  1. What is VOO Minting, and how does it work? VOO Minting is a process where VOO Masternodes generate VOO Tokens on the SmartChain. It operates with transparency, and minting factors gradually decrease over time.

  2. Why is VOO expanding beyond Private Aviation? VOO's vision extends beyond private aviation because of its global appeal. The platform aims to integrate commercial airlines, unlocking vast opportunities.

  3. How can I join the VOO ecosystem as an operator or broker? Becoming a part of the VOO ecosystem is straightforward. Visit their website at or for more information.

  4. Is VOO open to international users? Yes, VOO serves a global audience, welcoming users from around the world.

  5. What sets VOO apart from other aviation solutions? VOO's unique platform simplifies the entire business jet travel process, offering real-time data, transparency, and a global reach unmatched by others in the industry.

VOO is one of SAFIR's partners, Entering the world of SAFIR is a straightforward process. The following steps outline how individuals can join and participate:​

  1. Register for free on HERE(CLICK) and create a personal backoffice.

  2. Explore and familiarize yourself with the backoffice, which offers valuable resources and information.

  3. Choose a masternode product portfolio pack that aligns with your investment goals.

  4. Activate your minters (masternodes) to start producing your digital assets 24/7.

  5. Download the NOMO App and connect it with your backoffice for seamless asset management and communication.

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