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We are currently working hard on the listing of our ZENIQ Coin on Exchange.

We are currently working hard on the listing of our ZENIQ Coin. The source code of the Zeniq blockchain is available on GitHub for our exchange partners to review.

A central step in the preparation of a listing is the provision of the source code for the exchange. They can use it to check all details and ask possible questions.

zeniq coin listing update

However, the code is currently still in private mode, so it is not yet publicly available to everyone. As soon as we have passed the review of our exchange partners and the listing is done, we will also publish our source code and make it available to the community. This is another important step for our ZENIQ ecosystem and we are looking forward to give you another great update on this soon.

Zeniq - Safir Technologies Fintech Enterprises

The next generation of crypto and fiat payment Seamless FIAT & Crypto Ecosystem for Finance and Investments

“Connecting Traditional Banking and Crypto on one platform where people can build an home based business and create a sustainable income by using the ZENIQ Platform”

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