We have this Smart Trade Coin Token TRADE is now active on the LaToken exchange!

After a long wait, the moment has finally come. Smart Trade Coin token is available on LaToken exchange

Token TRADE is now active on the LaToken crypto exchange. This was a long-awaited moment that has become a reality.

from today (15March 2021) you can trade the TRADE token from Stc on LaToken in three available pairs:




market cap valued at $ 180 million after first day !

Wallet deposit funds

After a successful deposit, you can sell, exchange or keep your tokens. the choice is yours what you do with them.

However, the end of the waiting period does not mean that the process has been finalized. Quite the contrary. The inclusion of TRADE on the exchange is just the beginning of a holistic and long-term investment.

Every cryptocurrency started in the same way. Many years of observation of the processes in this sector show that the most important factor in long-term crypto investments is patience and control over emotions when undertaking trading activities.

Bitcoin and Ethereum also started with little value. The first clear increase occurred in late 2017. At that time, the popularity of the crypto sector also increased significantly. However, skeptics claimed that such a situation would never happen again.

Today, the price of bitcoin is around $50,000.

Holding is the best investment strategy in the early stages of trading a particular altcoin. This is indicated by many historical charts. The initial phase may seem unattractive in terms of investment, but historical data shows that patience pays off.

Most cryptocurrencies started from scratch. Today, we live in an era where cryptocurrencies are beginning to be treated on par with traditional currency holdings. Many economists and investors argue that the crypto market is the future of the global financial system.

However, everything needs time. Some altcoins need more of it, while others need less. Keep in mind that it is very important to make rational decisions. As we mentioned at the beginning - crypto trading and investment is a long-term process, where both increases and decreases in the value of specific assets are possible. However, holding is the attitude that allows you to achieve real success.

TRADE token, by entering the exchange, began the process of long-term investment. We believe that in the future its value will increase significantly. But for this purpose, we need your support, consisting of resolute decisions and the ability to control emotions in moments of unfavorable ratings.

Thanks to common persistence we can achieve much more, and TRADE will become more and more popular.

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Competition on LaToken


TRADE Trading Competition

Participation Terms and Conditions

- Eligibility: Trade a minimum amount of 50 TRADE tokens during the contest on LATOKEN's account.

- Winners: All eligible traders will get a share of 5500 TRADE tokens.

Trading volume = quantity of buys + quantity of sells

Reward per winner = 5500 x (Square root of user's trading volume/Square root of total trading volume of all winners)

- Prize will be distributed at the end of the contest.

- For non-US citizens only. Traders with zero fee account and self trades will be eliminated.

- The winners will be ranked according to each eligible user's trading volume.

- In order to receive your reward, you are required to pass KYC Tier 2 or higher on LATOKEN.


We use usernames to protect your privacy and do not disclose your names or emails. You can find your username on your LATOKEN user's profile page. Please look it up and search in the table below for your position. These are the real-time results and will be updated every 5 minutes.


Get ready to trades your tokens on the LAtoken exchange today

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