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Win 1 of 5 ZENIQ Debit Card

Contest: Win one of five ZENIQ Fintech credit cards

Zeniq Debit Card

Soon we will have a first batch of our ZENIQ Debit Card ready to order. Today you have the exclusive chance to be one of the first in the world who can own and use the ZENIQ Debit Card.

Participate on our competition on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Linkedin to have the exclusive chance to win one of the first ZENIQ Debit Cards!

How can you participate in our competition? (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Linkedin)

  1. Like any social Zeniq page

  2. Share post

  3. Tag your two best business partner in the comments, who you'll invite to dinner with your new ZENIQ Debit Card

We will announce on 05/04/2022 who are the lucky winners

Zeniq&Safir Technologies Fintech Enterprises

What solutions does Zeniq offer?


  • Simple, uncomplicated access to the crypto world – for EVERYONE!

  • Maximum protection of digital assets

  • Legal protection of unauthorized third-party access (owner or holder?)

  • Fusion of the crypto world and the existing financial world

  • The link between crypto world and trade (online & offline)

  • ​ Asset accumulation for everybody

  • ZENIQ Coins (EXCLUSIVE in-house minting for Safir)

  • Decentralized exchange (with minimal fees)

  • Trillion market tokenization

  • And much more

Get ready to buy or sell ZENIQ Coins on the LAtoken exchange today(click)

Make your account here and check the possibilities of Zeniq-Safir Ecosystem(click)

All informations about ZeniqTechnologies Fintech Enterprises(click)

Binance Exchange the world bigest crypto trading platform/ From this link, 5% of each transaction is returned to you (click)

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