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ZENIQ and TUPAN join forces and make an decisive impact to our world.

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

In a world that is growing faster and faster, you have to ask yourself, what can you give back to the world? With our new partner Tupan, we can answer this question.

ZENIQ is proud to have strong partners like Tupan to build real-world use cases on their ZENIQ Smart Chain and exert a decisive influence on our world.

TUPAN minting with ZENIQ SAFIR Hubs

The TUPAN token was created to solve the problem of the necessary transition to a regenerative and circular economy in a simple and assertive way. By combining advanced technologies of cryptocurrencies and blockchain networks with the greatest needs of this century, TUPAN gives you the opportunity to make changes in the environment, and at the same time take advantage of investments with high potential for value growth.

ForestAu Green LLC is an eco-friendly digital asset investment fund, created by a group of Brazilian experts with corporate and financial experience who wanted to support the regenerative circular economy in the Amazon region. The fund was founded in the United States due to the maturity of the capital markets in the field of tokens and cryptocurrencies.

This technological advance also serves as an ally in the development of sustainable and resilient economies. Blockchain's capabilities result from its technologically advanced computing infrastructure and provide us with the storage and validation of financial processes for the regenerative evolution of the circular bioeconomy.

Pioneering cooperation

When the ZENIQ blockchain concept was created, one of its foundations was to provide a solid ecosystem for the digitization of physical assets. The purpose of this proposal was to extend the reach of a whole new generation of investors not only to liquidate financial assets, but also assets such as arts or real estate.

In this sense, ZENIQ provides the ideal environment for Web3 solutions for real estate to thrive, especially for the TUPAN project.

The future of humanity is in your hand Minting Tupan token is the beginning of the journey


To knock out new Tupan tokens in the Zeniq chain, users must connect to each other via the ZENIQ HUB.

Each Hub has a copy of an intelligent minting contract with unique parameters. This group of special parameters is called "Dust" and contains information that will be used in the future to run the dNFT.

"Dust" occurs when one hub with zero active connections connects to another hub with zero active connections. This event produces a virtual seed (dNFT Tupan). The pollen runs a function in the seed contract that takes the parameters of each of the home hubs as arguments. In the future, the dNFT state of this seed will transform into a tree state that contains a mixture of the traits of both.

The seed is permanently assigned to one place on the map (it has a unique pair of X, Y coordinates).

After the process is completed, the transformation of the state into a tree is started, which generates a predetermined number of TUPAN tokens. This number of tokens will be distributed among all linked tokens.

Step 2 of minting Tupan Token

Step 3 of minting Tupan Token

Step 4 of minting Tupan Token

The Tupan investment Found on EDGAR

Tupan Investment Fund

  • Purchase of land with an intact rainforest

  • Reforestation of damaged habitats

  • At the moment, 3.69 billion m3 has been purchased

  • Medicine

  • A product of agriculture's novelty

  • Cosmetics

  • Supervision

  • Several local companies with 67+ patents in registration

  • CO certificates for trading carbon dioxide emission allowances on the global market.

CO2 certificates market

Carbon credits provide a monetary incentive for companies to reduce carbon dioxide. Those who cannot easily cut emissions can still operate, but at a higher financial cost. The carbon credits are based on the cap-and-trade model that was applied to reduce sulfur pollution in the 1990s.

Meaning of "net zero emissions"

Achieving net zero emissions means that some greenhouse gases are still released but they are offset by removing an equivalent amount of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and permanently storing them in soil, plants or materials.

CO2 CERTIFICATES are becoming one of the most WANTED PRODUCTS in the world !!!

The CO2 Certficate market global carbon credit market

Mechanics for the price Tupan development

TUPAN Masternode minting PRESALE has been activated

The Tupan Token was born to assertively achieve the necessary transition to a regenerative and circular bioeconomy.

By joining the high technology of crypto assets blockchain, with the most extraordinary demands of the century, Tupan brings you the opportunity to make a difference in the environment while enjoying an investment with a high potential for appreciation.

This innovative minting concept, proposed firsthand by ZENIQ, aims to engage users by reflecting the cultural and natural aspects of the Amazonia region in the minting process.

Translating the complex mathematical processes involved in blockchain technology into intuitive storytelling that the Tupan Token investor easily comprehends.

The pre sale Tupan minting on zeniq safir blockchain shop

Halving overview of tupan minting time and sales

ZENIQ Hub minting Tupan - Your access to financial sovereignty

TUPAN masternodes are now available as add-ons for ZENIQ masternodes (HUBs) in the SAFIR store. Detailed information about the amazing TUPAN project is available on the TUPAN website. The TUPAN project, including its connection to the ZENIQ ecosystem, is also clearly explained in regular webinars (see calendar under "Events and webinars").

TUPAN is probably one of the most innovative projects on the global market at the moment

Once more:

  • TUPAN cares about very real environmental problems and delivers effective solutions. Earning money and protecting the environment is usually a contradiction. Not so with TUPAN.

  • Using blockchain technology, communities connect to enable solutions with amazing positive effects for environmental clean-up and to promote the bioeconomy.

  • TUPAN is in line with ALL 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

  • TUPAN buys intact rainforest on a large scale to protect it or reforests degraded areas.

  • By producing oxygen and sequestering CO2, CO2 certificates can be issued and traded. A market worth billions that still has enormous potential ahead of it.

  • An investment fund regulated and licensed by the SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) in the USA is at the heart of TUPAN's infrastructure. This provides a unique mechanic for the entire project. This uniquely connects the digital world with the real one.

  • TUPAN tokens are issued on the ZENIQ SmartChain. These are fixed transaction fees that constantly lead to the burning of ZENIQ coins, which in turn positively influences their price development.


Last week of the PRE-SALE (TUPAN Masternodes)

In the night from Sunday to Monday (August 21 / August 22) the last week of the pre-sale of TUPAN Masternodes starts, before the minting of the TUPAN tokens begins one week later. Since numerous users want to take advantage of the currently still increased minting factor of 100%+, it will be kept at 101% for the final week of the PRE-Sale period.

In the course of the minting start, both SALES and TIME halving are activated. After that, the algorithm of the halving determines the respective minting factor for each new activated / ordered TUPAN master node.

The huge potential of TUPAN is already exciting. With everything TUPAN has in store thanks to the infrastructure that has been built over the years, we can expect great things here. Doing something good for our land and benefiting from it. There is no contradiction with TUPAN. On the contrary!

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