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ZENIQ App Wallet almost reached 100K downloads.

Manage your digital assets with Zeniq Wallet and send, receive and hold more than 100 coins and tokens.

The ZENIQ app supports ZENIQ Coin (ZENIQ), Bitcoin (BTC),Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Avinoc (AVINOC), Basic Attention (BAT), AdEX (ADX), Aragon (ANT), DAI (DAI), Aelf (ELF), ChainLink (LINK), Maker (MKR) and many ERC-20 tokens

Be part of our community and stay connected with ZENIQ App.

Zeniq&Safir Technologies Fintech Enterprises

The next generation of crypto and fiat payment

Seamless FIAT & Crypto Ecosystem for Finance and Investments

Mission Zeniq-Safir

“Connecting Traditional Banking and Crypto on

one platform where people can build an

home based business and create a sustainable

income by using the ZENIQ Platform”

All informations about ZeniqTechnologies Fintech Enterprises

Make your account here and check the possibilities of Zeniq-Safir Ecosystem

Join my team and get additional benefits.

Get ready to buy or sell your tokens on the LAtoken exchange (click)

Donwload Zeniq Wallet on Andorid/IOS



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