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ZENIQ & AVINOC - Distribution of incentives

The time has come

The incentives an additional 300 ZENIQ Coins and 200 AVINOC Tokens per purchase HUB ended on June 15.

ZENIQ coins:

As announced, the appropriate number of ZENIQ coins will be sent to the wallet address of the purchased HUB. It started a few hours ago and should be done for everyone during the day.

AVINOC Tokens:

AVINOC tokens are distributed via the appropriate SmartContract in the ZENIQ Smart Chain. For this to happen, AVINOC must of course be transferred to the ZENIQ Smart Chain beforehand. It is planned for August / September. We will inform you about the exact date in good time.

Advantages of Zeniq Coin:

  • Limited amount of coins

  • The coins have huge potential for increase through

  • Limited amount of HUB 01 with full minting power

  • Annual halving

  • Weekly „profit distribution“ from the ZENIQ

  • Exchange for sustainable income

  • Tokenization of ZENIQ projects & others

Hybrid Blockchain:

  • Additional masternodes possible

  • ZENIQ coin can be used as platform for tokens

What is the AVINOC coin?

AVINOC was created to become a platform connecting all participants of the aviation and tourism industry. The main goal of the project is to effectively manage all processes and services from passengers to airlines, business aviation and all other participants, from flight booking to rental and charter.

At the moment, AVINOC Token is an ERC - 20 token (Coming soon to the ZENIQ blockchain. Its goal is to enter a new era of aviation and ensure that daily work is done more efficiently and smoothly.

Advantages of Avinoc Token

It produces innovative solutions for the aviation industry.

The long-term outlook is positive.

Have fun with these powerful incentives.


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