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Zeniq Coin now is available on PanCake Swap. Passive incomes blog/

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

After long expectations, it is finally here! You can now Buy / Sell Zeniq Coin on PanCake Swap

Good news! Zeniq Coin are now on PancakeSwap, one of the best decentralised exchange platforms with which our token accesses all the liquidity in the digital assets market. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for the ZENIQ community. And we’re only getting started…

What solutions does Zeniq offer?


  • Simple, uncomplicated access to the crypto world – for EVERYONE!

  • Maximum protection of digital assets

  • Legal protection of unauthorized third-party access (owner or holder?)

  • Fusion of the crypto world and the existing financial world

  • The link between crypto world and trade (online & offline)

Asset accumulation for everybody

  • ZENIQ Coins (EXCLUSIVE in-house minting for Safir)

  • Decentralized exchange (with minimal fees)

  • Trillion market tokenization

  • And much more

More About ZENIQ - Safir Technologies Fintech Enterprises

Make your account here and check the possibilities of Zeniq-Safir Ecosystem (click)

Some About PanCake Swap

PancakeSwap is a Binance Smart Chain-based DEX launched by anonymous devs with a penchant for breakfast foods and rabbits.

It looks a bit like Ethereum’s SushiSwap (community governance, the ability to farm liquidity provider tokens), but also incorporates many other features that let you earn rewards.

To trade on the PanCake exchange, you need BNB coins for the transaction fees. The stock market also has its own token called Cake, thanks to which you have many different opportunities to earn on PancakeSwap

You can buy BNB and Cake cryptocurrencies on one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance. Follow the link below and you will receive a permanent bonus of 5% discount on transaction fees (click)

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