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ZENIQ - News Update 05/2022

Update on ZENIQ Technologies
Zeniq News Update

Today is the day of ecosystem and innovation Zeniq news.

The spotlight of this post this time went to just one piece of news.

ZENIQ are happy to see big companies entering the ecosystem.


Starbucks, the US multinational coffee chain, intends to invest in NFTs later this year. What do you think about this, and do you think it is suitable for big companies to enter the ecosystem?

Just a piece of advice to all new people joining us in the digital asset ecosystem: The art of NFTs is a new culture. Try to understand it well!

We as ZENIQ are open to help you in any way

What solutions does Zeniq offer?


  • Simple, uncomplicated access to the crypto world – for EVERYONE!

  • Maximum protection of digital assets

  • Legal protection of unauthorized third-party access (owner or holder?)

  • Fusion of the crypto world and the existing financial world

  • The link between crypto world and trade (online & offline)

  • ​ Asset accumulation for everybody

  • ZENIQ Coins (EXCLUSIVE in-house minting for Safir)

  • Decentralized exchange (with minimal fees)

  • Trillion market tokenization

  • And much more

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