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Zeniq Safir competition - two incentives to start the new year - AVINOC tokens to be won

Zeniq&Safir with Avinoc announcing two contests encouraging action for the New Year 500,000 tokens to be won.

Shortly before the start of the Staking Tips, there are two incentive competitions that really pack a punch.

Challenge first :

Expand your network and get AVINOC tokens as an incentive.

Challenge two:

Let us know what you think of the AVINOC project or what you particularly like about it and win the SAFIR Video Contest.

Explanation of Challange 1

Evaluation period:

07 January 2022 (00:01 / UTC+4) until the start of the staking tips.


Product sales in NEW sales lines within the contest period will be scored.

The conditions for this incentive are very simple and fair for everyone. Only product sales of new direct lines (to infinite depth) within the evaluation period are counted. This makes it possible for everyone - regardless of whether they are already successfully active or just starting out, starting from the same starting point - to pick up one of the coveted incentives.

Overview of incentives for the Top 100 (based on defined incentive conditions)

Ranks 100 - 50 = 1,000 AVINOC tokens each

Ranks 51 - 89 = 2,000 AVINOC tokens each

Rank 10 = 5,000 AVINOC tokens

Rank 9 = 10,000 AVINOC tokens

Rank 8 = 15,000 AVINOC tokens

Rank 7 = 20,000 AVINOC tokens

Rank 6 = 25,000 AVINOC tokens

Rank 5 = 30,000 AVINOC tokens

Rank 4 = 35,000 AVINOC tokens

🥉3 = 50,000 AVINOC tokens

🥈2 = 75,000 AVINOC tokens

🥇1 = 100,000 AVINOC tokens

A total of approximately 500,000 AVINOC tokens are available as incentives.The tokens will be distributed fairly and according to performance to the top 100 at the end of the evaluation period (maximum 10 days later). (No cash redemption possible).

Explanation of Challange 2

Valuation Period:

07 January 2022 (00:01 / UTC+4) until the start of the Staking Tips.

Another SAFIR VIDEO CONTEST, this time on the topic of AVINOC!


  • Do you want to show the world what AVINOC means to you and the impact it is already having on your life?

  • What do you particularly like about AVINOC? ...

How does the chance to win up to 10,000 euros sound?

If your answer is similar to "Fantastic!", then get creative, make a video and enter our new video competition!

Conditions for the AVINOC Video Contest:

  • - The video must be in line with the AVINOC theme and should be original and short (max. 3 to 5 minutes).

  • - The video must be published on YouTube and include your Ref. link in the description. If necessary, create your own YouTube channel and make sure that the video is "public".

  • - Send the link to the video and your SAFIR username to

  • - Each person can only submit one video.

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