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Zeniq Silver badge activated in Safir Backoffice

Solve every quiz and earn your certified Promoter badge. Bronze Silver and Gold
Silver certified Promoter badge now activated in Safir back-office

Badges represent and signify important steps that the promoter has achieved or completed. These steps will go a long way in supporting the promoter on his way to achieving his goals. The more such important steps are taken, the greater the likelihood of outstanding success!

Of course, this also applies to your own community: The more your community's users become certified, the stronger, faster and more sustainable your network will grow.

Badge in Silver (Advanced)

On the menu item "Network" in the Safir back-office and then on "Certified Promoter". Answer interesting questions from different knowledge areas of our business and see for yourself where you already have good basic knowledge and where possibly undiscovered knowledge potential is waiting for.

To obtain SILVER certification, you must first complete badge in Bronze 2023 (Basics). Only after that will the ability to do the badge in silver be unlocked. If you have already passed the certification Bronze 2022, this status must be reconfirmed by passing the badge(Quiz) in Bronze (2023 version).

In other words, even in the Basic version, new and interesting questions await.

Solve any quiz for which you can collect a "Certified Promoter" badge!

Of course, you can also use the BADGES you have earned for your own marketing purposes. In the menu item "Account / My Profile", for example, you can make the following setting: "Share information with your Referral Link".

Means: If your own referral link is sent to the prospect, he can see at a glance - here is a promoter with already achieved steps - a good indicator!

We wish you fun and success on your way to the "Certified Promoter" badge.

My name is Milosz Sieracki, and thank you for checking out my website, I have been dealing with my own business in Poland and also dealing with the broadly understood cryptocurrency industry, self-development, and building my passive income. I am also a consultant at Zeniq Technology Fintech Enterprises and today I would like to tell you more about the possibilities that Zeniq offers..

If you have not yet heard about Zeniq, and in particular about its products and the benefits of using them, I invite you to read a short presentation. (CLICK)

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