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ZENIQ Smart Chain is start - Zeniq Technologies Fintech Enterprises

With the launch of our own Smart Chain, we are opening a new chapter at ZENIQ!

At ZENCON, we presented the ZENIQ Smart Chain ZSC to the world for the first time and the developers on site have already tested more than 45,000 blocks.

Here are a few highlights of the ZENIQ Smart Chain at a glance:

  • More than 10,000 transactions per second

  • No hashing, no mining = low energy consumption

  • 100% EVM compatible

  • The ZSC is a Sidechain it is the second layer, the origin of each token is a ZENIQ Coin, so there is no diluting! It's a ZENIQ Coin minted on the ZENIQ HUB.

Find all infos here:

For all techies:

Block explorer ZENIQ Smart Chain:

ZENIQ - Safir Technologies Fintech Enterprises

The next generation of crypto and fiat payment Seamless FIAT & Crypto Ecosystem for Finance and Investments

Full details of the ZENIQ project can be found in the link below, Be sure to check the functionality and profitability of ZENIQ & Safir

Check how earn with Zeniq-Safir.

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