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ZENIQ SWAP already allows for liquidity provisioning and new MEGA tool activated

zeniq swap new activations, new coin and token listings: zeniq, i love safir token and tupan
The ZENIQ SWAP is live, technically fully functional and also already allows for liquidity provisioning

This works on ZENIQ SMARTCHAIN, which not only allows for extremely fast transactions, but also EXTREMELY low fees that are unique in the entire blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Due to all these great advantages that ZENIQ SWAP offers compared to all other providers on the market, we can expect huge growth potential in the coming months and years.

ZENIQ SWAP can be considered unrivaled at the moment due to its technical basis and the related mechanics and advantages. By the way, SWAP transactions can be viewed transparently on SmartChain.

The first trading pairs are already available:

- ZENIQ (SmartChain token) - TUPAN
- TUPAN- ZENIQ (SmartChain Token)

Further trading pairs are now being created step by step. Since this is a decentralized system, other market participants can also list on the ZENIQ SWAP Token.

How Use Swap

  1. Create MetaMask Wallet (if not already done). For this purpose, the tutorial video "How to create your MetaMask Wallet" is available in the SAFIR Backoffice under the menu item "Support / Helpcenter".

  2. Add the ZENIQ SmartChain to the MetaMask Wallet under "Networks / Add Network". How this works, see here:

  3. After that, the MetaMask Wallet is connected to the ZENIQ SWAP.


SWAPs, as well as transactions on the SWAP, always require ZENIQ smartchain tokens. Visitors to SUMMITS had the opportunity to obtain SmartChain tokens onsite.


Within the SAFIR platform, the "I 🖤 SAFIR TOKEN" can be considered like a stablecoin, as it can be used to purchase products in the SAFIR store and thus represents a stable value. One token "I 🖤 SAFIR TOKEN" represents 0.01 EURO purchasing power in the SAFIR SHOP.

"I LOVE SAFIR TOKEN" can however also be used outside the SAFIR Backoffice e.g. for SWAPs on the ZENIQ SWAP.


Outside the SAFIR Shop, the "I LOVE SAFIR TOKEN" is subject to the normal market rules of supply and demand. This can therefore fall as well as rise in price. If, for example, the price of the token falls on the market, this can in turn be an advantage for another market participant who receives more SAFIR TOKEN at a lower price (which in turn causes the price to rise). With the resulting increased number of tokens, purchases can in turn be made in the SAFIR Shop.

What applications already exist for the "I 🖤 SAFIR TOKEN"?

- Purchases in the SAFIR Shop

- Can be transferred to other "I LOVE SAFIR" wallet addresses.

- Is listed in the NOMO app and on ZENIQ Swap (can be traded for other digital assets).

How do I get "I 🖤 SAFIR TOKEN?"

A portion (10%) of achieved benefits will be paid out in "I 🖤 SAFIR TOKEN" (number of achieved tokens is displayed transparently in the SAFIR Dashboard). To transfer these, the NOMO app must be connected to the back office.

How do I get even more "I LOVE SAFIR TOKEN"?

Additionally, it is possible to pay out achieved benefits in "I 🖤 SAFIR TOKEN" and transfer them to "I 🖤 SAFIR Token" wallet addresses (NOMO App or ZENIQ SWAP).

The possibilities that the "I 🖤 SAFIR TOKEN" will open up in the future are numerous.

Massive additional side effect: The "I 🖤 SAFIR TOKEN" generates many additional transactions and thus supports the positive price development of the ZENIQ Coin (burning)

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