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Empowering Innovation and Collaboration: Safir Group International's Blockchain Solutions

Safir Group International: Real Companies, Blockchain Technology, and Tokenization

Welcome to Safir World the blockchain ecosystem to empower you

The Digital Revolution: Tokenization, Minting, and Safir Group International

With Safir Group International, you gain access to real companies, projects, and start-ups combined with cutting-edge blockchain technology and tokenization. Our innovative partnerships span various industries such as aviation, real estate, cinema, music, sustainable environmental protection, education, and online business. Our experienced management team, along with a community of over 550,000 members, ensures a high level of expertise and support.

Information about Safir Group International
Safir Next Generation Products

Safir Group International introduces a groundbreaking system that allows you to work for yourself and achieve your dreams. Unlike the wealthy who work for the dreams of others, you can work for your own dreams and think years ahead. It's time to break out of your comfort zone and focus on results, not just the number of hours you work.

Safir is a pioneering company that offers access to real companies, projects, and start-ups combined with blockchain technology and tokenization. With a high-experienced management team, Safir Group International has built a community of over 550,000 members and has paid out more than 200 million euros in benefits. The company's vision is to become the number one provider of highly innovative hardware products and software solutions in various sectors, including Education-Tech, Health-Tech, and Blockchain-Tech.

Safir Group International focuses on developing next-generation products that revolutionize various industries. In the Education-Tech sector, the company offers an educational platform designed for individuals without previous technical knowledge, providing comprehensive courses on blockchain technology. The Health-Tech products leverage the latest technologies to support individuals in achieving and maintaining optimal health. Lastly, Safir Group International delves into Blockchain-Tech, recognizing its potential to transform lives and create sustainable change.

Experience the biggest wealth transfer in human history and don't miss out on this opportunity.

Forging Alliances for Progress: Key Partnerships that Drive Our Mission

Partnerships that Drive Our Mission

Main Strategic Cooperation

Safir and ZENIQ have formed a powerful strategic partnership, combining their expertise and resources to drive the adoption of blockchain technology and tokenization worldwide.


With headquarters in Zug, Switzerland, and licenses obtained in the UAE, ZENIQ is at the forefront of technology research and development, providing distributed ledger technology services, metaverse services, NFT e-marketplaces, and proprietary trading in crypto-commodities.

ZENIQ's vision is to enable pepols around the world to enhance their financial freedom through easy and secure access to blockchain technology. With a team of 80 developers globally, including 25 based in Dubai, and the support of HH Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, ZENIQ is making significant progress and forging strategic partnerships to fuel its progressive growth.


Blockchain and Tokenization

Tokenization, the process of converting an asset or ownership rights into digital shares, is revolutionizing the financial landscape. The tokenization market is expected to reach 10% of global GDP by 2030, with a projected total size of tokenized illiquid assets, such as real estate and natural resources, reaching a staggering US$16.1 trillion.

Tokenization offers numerous benefits, including project financing opportunities, real estate investments, significant cost savings for companies, enhanced transparency through blockchain technology, and the ability to tokenize assets ranging from solar plants and artwork to patents and raw materials. Embracing digital shares and tokenization allows individuals to be part of the next wave of potential groundbreaking companies, just like Apple, Google, or Tesla.

The global run towards tokenization has already begun, and Safir Group International, in partnership with ZENIQ, is at the forefront of this transformative movement. Together, they aim to empower individuals worldwide to participate in the digital revolution and unlock the vast potential of tokenization.

Tokenization The new revolution.webp
Blockchain and Tokenization.webp
Tokenization The new revolution.webp

What is Minting? and Built-in Mechanics for Price Development

Minting refers to the creation or issuance of tokens on a blockchain. Safir Group International offers a unique minting process through which individuals can generate tokens and participate in various investment opportunities. By minting tokens, individuals can become stakeholders in innovative projects and gain access to potential financial returns.

Safir Group International provides the opportunity for individuals to mint tokens that represent a diverse portfolio of assets. This portfolio includes investments in real companies, projects, and start-ups across different industries( Zeniq, Tupan, Avinoc, Voo, TDrone, SIDI, Regardless). By minting tokens, individuals can benefit from the growth and success of these ventures, potentially earning attractive profits.

Safir network tokenization process includes built-in mechanics that contribute to price development and value appreciation. The company employs strategies such as limited token supply, token burning mechanisms, and demand-driven models to enhance the value of minted tokens over time. These mechanisms aim to create a favorable environment for investors and promote sustainable growth within the Safir Group International ecosystem.

NOMO App: The Decentralized Revolution

The NOMO App stands at the forefront of SGI's decentralized revolution, providing users with a comprehensive suite of tools and features for managing digital assets. At its core, the NOMO App offers a self-custodial wallet, ensuring that only the owner holds the keys to their funds. This advanced level of security allows users to send and receive digital assets with peace of mind, knowing that they have full control over their transactions.

One of the standout features of the NOMO App is its direct minting capability. Users can mint new tokens directly within the app, eliminating the need for complex external processes. This seamless integration simplifies the user experience and encourages wider adoption of digital assets.

Additionally, the NOMO App supports NFT (Non-Fungible Token) and staking capabilities. Users can engage in the exciting world of NFTs, exploring unique digital collectibles and creative assets. Moreover, staking offers a rewarding opportunity for users to earn daily token rewards by locking their assets in a secure manner.

Integration with the ZENIQ Hub further enhances the NOMO App's functionality. The ZENIQ Hub serves as a central platform for various decentralized applications and services, offering a unified experience for users across different networks and protocols.

Nomo App full information for users

The NOMO App also includes built-in SWAP functionality, enabling users to easily exchange one cryptocurrency for another within the app. This feature eliminates the need for external exchanges and streamlines the asset management process.

To enhance security, the NOMO App incorporates biometric authentication, such as fingerprint recognition. This ensures that only authorized individuals can access and manage their digital assets, providing an additional layer of protection against unauthorized access.

In addition to its asset management features, the NOMO App also offers a decentralized messenger for secure communication. This feature ensures end-to-end encryption, guaranteeing the privacy and confidentiality of user conversations. Users can engage in video and voice calls, share pictures and documents, and participate in group chats and video calls. The decentralized nature of the messenger ensures that no central authority can intercept or monitor the communication, offering users true privacy and control.

Notably, the NOMO App introduces a groundbreaking feature that allows users to send and receive cryptocurrencies without the need for wallet addresses. This innovative approach simplifies the transaction process, making it more user-friendly and accessible to individuals new to the cryptocurrency space.

Sustainable Income with Minting.webp

Sustainable Income with Minting

Safir Group International presents an opportunity for users to generate sustainable income through the concept of minting. Minting involves the production of "digital shares" over time, providing users with a continuous stream of tokens. This process relies on hubs (hardware) that work tirelessly, minting tokens 24/7. The real-time minting occurs on the ZENIQ Smart Chain, ensuring transparency and accountability.

By engaging in minting, users have control over their assets and can withdraw them at any time. Furthermore, these minted tokens can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies, providing flexibility and diversification options. The concept of "digital shares" opens doors to invest in new potential companies and projects, allowing users to benefit from their growth and success.

Staking plays a crucial role in the minting process, as it offers daily rewards in tokens. By staking their assets, users contribute to the security and stability of the network while earning passive income.

Masternode Product Packages: Leveraging Technology for Profit

SAFIR offers masternode product packages, leveraging advanced technology to maximize profit potential. With up to nine different package sizes available, users can choose the option that best suits their investment goals and risk appetite. These packages provide attractive discounts of up to 45%, enabling users to access the benefits at a reduced cost.

Built-in mechanics for price development play a vital role in the profitability of masternode product packages. One such mechanism is halving, which reduces the number of minted tokens . This factor contributes to the value appreciation of digital assets over time.

Burning is another key mechanism employed by Safir Group International. The profits generated by the respective projects, such as TUPAN, SIDI, REGARDLESS, and ZENIQ, are utilized to buy coins or tokens from the market and burn them. This strategic approach reduces the total and circulating supply of tokens, creating a strong foundation for price development.

Additionally, the time halving mechanism further enhances the value proposition. After the activation or purchase date of the masternode, there is a 50% reduction in minted tokens per day annually. This mechanism creates scarcity and ensures a controlled supply of tokens, positively impacting their price over time.

Sales halving is another integral part of the price development mechanics. With each purchased masternode, the minting factor decreases. For every 2,000 masternodes, the minting factor reduces by approximately 1%, following a well-defined algorithm.

Furthermore, the value of a company plays a significant role in determining the price valuation of digital assets. Safir Group International values companies based on market capitalization, and exceptional growth in the company's value can lead to a significant increase in the price of its digital assets. This mechanism provides users with an opportunity to benefit from the success of the companies and projects in which they invest.

Recommendation Marketing: An Ingenious Distribution System

Safir Group International has developed a recommendation marketing system that stands out as one of the most ingenious distribution systems in the world. It offers a range of benefits and incentives for users who actively promote SGI's products and services. Let's explore some of the key benefits of recommendation marketing:

  1. UNI-Level Benefits: Users can earn rewards and bonuses based on their network's performance and growth. As they build a strong and expanding network, they unlock various ranks and enjoy corresponding benefits.

  2. Monthly Dividends and Profit Shares: SGI distributes monthly profits to SGI Token holders in proportion to their holdings. Users can earn passive income through profit shares, creating a sustainable source of wealth.

  3. TDRONE3x3 Product Benefit: Users who achieve certain ranks within 40 days from their registration date receive additional rewards in euros and tokens.

  4. Diamond Infinity Benefits (GO Diamond Incentive): Exceptional achievers can unlock the GO Diamond Incentive, which grants access to exclusive benefits, events, and recognition.

Safir Group International ensures real-time payouts and monthly dividends for its users. The proportional payout of monthly profits to SGI Token holders provides a transparent and fair distribution mechanism. Users can utilize their tokens to buy back Profit Shares, enhancing their ownership in the company and increasing their dividend payouts.

The monthly dividend payments for Profit Share holders offer a reliable source of passive income. As the company continues to generate profits, users benefit from a share of those earnings, reinforcing the sustainability of their income.

Moreover, users have the flexibility to sell or exchange their SGI tokens for popular cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, and others. This option allows users to capitalize on market opportunities and diversify their digital asset holdings.

Fast Start Program and GO Diamond Incentive

Safir offers a Fast Start Program and the GO Diamond Incentive to reward and incentivize active promoters. The Fast Start Program provides additional rewards for individuals who achieve specific career ranks within 40 days from their registration date. This program encourages fast and efficient network growth, enabling individuals to unlock benefits and earn rewards at an accelerated pace.

The GO Diamond Incentive is an exclusive program reserved for exceptional achievers. It grants access to special benefits, events, and recognition within the SGI community. By reaching the GO Diamond rank, individuals position themselves as leaders and influential figures within the network.

Safir Group International stands as a trailblazer in the decentralized financial industry, offering innovative solutions that redefine how we manage assets and communicate securely. Through the NOMO App and its features, users can experience the decentralized revolution firsthand, enjoying self-custodial wallets, direct minting, NFT capabilities, and secure communication channels. With the opportunity for sustainable income through minting and masternode ownership, users can build their wealth while leveraging advanced price development mechanics. Additionally, the recommendation marketing system, real-time payouts, and monthly dividends provide avenues for passive income and career growth.

Safir Group is committed to empowering individuals and providing them with the tools and opportunities to achieve financial freedom. Through its decentralized solutions, innovative products, and inclusive ecosystem, Safirhas positioned itself as a leader in the industry. By joining Safir, you gain access to a world of possibilities and the potential to shape their financial future.

Entering the world of SAFIR is a straightforward process .The following steps outline how individuals can join and participate:

  1. Register for free on HERE(CLICK) and create a personal backoffice.

  2. Explore and familiarize yourself with the backoffice, which offers valuable resources and information.

  3. Choose a masternode product portfolio pack that aligns with your investment goals.

  4. Activate your minters (masternodes) to start producing your digital assets 24/7.

  5. Download the NOMO App and connect it with your backoffice for seamless asset management and communication.

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