The Smart Trade Coin GO investment platform

Smart Trade GO is crypto trading bot currently available, 24/7 trading automatically in the cloud. Easy to use, powerful and extremely safe . Make money quite and simple.


Demo version for free.


Advantages of the SmartTrade platform:


Start bonus

Minimal investment (1$)

Easy to use

Automatic earning 24/7

In short, it is a bot that trades our assets. One account is connected to the 5 largest exchanges. Binance, HitBtc, Kraken, Bittrex, KuCoin .... There are 3 trading strategies: Safe, Normal, Risky The bot can be set for 5 periods of operation 30 60 120 180 360 days depending on which options we choose, only after the specified time we can withdraw the profit. For example, if we set the bot for a 60-day operation period, it will be after 60 days that we will be able to withdraw the profit, but we do not have to finalize the bot's work if its results are satisfactory. Of course there is an affiliation program, the possibility of additional earnings


The trading tool BOT selects the best possible strategy and adjusts it to the SMART TRADE COIN algorithm, which is based on digital calculations and the knowledge of specialists working in the area of ​​trading. The functioning of a trading tool BOT is based on optimization in the choice of currency, exchange, and references to the history of trading in particular currencies. The purpose is to obtain the most effective investment results.

Trading tool Smart Trade GO BOT is created on the basis of an algorithm that allows following the signals from the exchanges. Analyzing the financial functions of the markets around the world offers the possibility of choosing the most advantageous trading and making investments. The automation of bot trading tools creates a situation in which people do not have to follow the signals from the exchanges all over the world.

The functioning of BOT trading tools is also based on the activity of experts in off-exchange areas. By tracking movements or events, it is possible to predict consumer moods and the impact on the market and exchange rates.

Trading tools BOT has a huge advantage compared to human skills. Bots can track thousands of signals from crypto markets at the same time and choose the most advantageous solution. Manual execution of such tasks would force traders to be active 24/7.

  •  Because Smart Trade Coin tools work 24/7.

  • One account is connected to as many as 5 largest exchanges, which gives greater earning opportunities.

  • The bot also draws attention to the differences in prices on each of the exchanges, which makes it profitable even if the cryptocurrency prices stand still.

  • Easy to use, quick registration and purchase of tools.

  • Every day you see how much you have earned. Smart Trade Coin allows people to successfully invest in cryptocurrencies even in small amounts you can start investing from ONE DOLLAR !!!

  • Two tokens that will appear on the stock exchange on March 15. TRADE and HYBRID token

  • Fast Payouts Confirmed on Blockchain

  • The platform is available in as many as 13 languages! 

Smart Trade Coin successfully completed the ICO. Currently, it is planning to list TRADE token on the largest crypto exchanges. It is assumed that TRADE will become a method for making deposits and withdrawals at Smart Trade Coin, and will also allow for carrying out other transactions . Token Trade 15 March 2021 will appear on the LaToken exchange. Token Hybrid appear on LaToken exchange on 15 August 2021

Name: TRADE ERC-20

Total DELIVERY: 5.4 billion

TRADE Maximum supply 7.4 million trade


My earnings from last 30 days (01.02.2021-28.02.2021)

My Investment 03/07/2021

My Trading tools bots 07-02-2021


Three statuses

The smallest investment amount is only one dollar !!!



Are you interested in earning up to 30% in five months?

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You can earn extra money by working wherever and whenever you want?

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