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ZENIQ new generation of digital Asset Management.

Each of us meets the cryptocurrency market and Blockchain technology more and more often. It is worth asking yourself: am I well prepared for this?

Zeniq Technology with its ecosystem

This is one of the very interesting ecosystems because this ecosystem responds with solutions that most if not all of us need. and the biggest advantage is that you can use most of the services offered by Zeniq without investment!

  • Zeniq uses a cold wallet (Zeniq HUB) with the possibility of adding many cryptocurrencies, fiat money, the possibility of minting the Zeniq coin, and, so far, TUPAN tokens. (A cold wallet means your wallet is not permanently connected to the network, which increases security.)

  • The connection of the world of cryptocurrencies with the existing world of finance(You can access cryptographic payments via the app or Zeniq payment card ultimately in every possible payment terminal!

  • Own decentralized blockchain and exchange (which I am going to describe further on, inter alia, preserving anonymity and the security of the parties to the transaction.)

  • The first private messenger that will provide you with 100% security of conversations.

In addition to these solutions, we also deal with the possibility of generating assets, with the possibility of increasing your portfolio.
Among other things by:

  • Purchase of an excavator / Zeniq HUB - which gives income from cryptocurrencies for many years

  • The decentralized exchange DEX with Zeniq Coin Staking (Decentralized exchange) is a platform for the exchange of digital assets, which operates on the principle of decentralization, i.e. without the participation of a central authority. maintaining anonymity.)

  • Tokenization of your own project

  • Staking - i.e. passive income by blocking your coins and receiving profit (so-called PoS)

  • For this they have a great affiliate program.

  • and a lot more

The face of promoter Milosz Sieracki

My name is Milosz Sieracki, and thank you for checking out my website, I have been dealing with my own business in Poland and also dealing with the broadly understood cryptocurrency industry, self-development, and building my passive income. I am also a consultant at Zeniq Technology Fintech Enterprises and today I would like to tell you more about the possibilities that Zeniq offers.

We will move around a friendly and complete ecosystem. After many elements that merge the world of fiat currencies with cryptocurrencies, which we need to be able to generate our assets, among other things. 

The focal point of this entire ecosystem is a physical device called Hub / Zeniq Hub.​

ZENIQ Hub is a physical electronic product that will be manufactured in accordance with the highest international quality standards. ZENIQ has dentified and undertaken preliminary discussions with manufacturers in several locations. As a signal of customer enthusiasm, a large volume of pre-orders have been logged as of Q1 2022. It will be the conduit for users to manage digital assets and transact on the blockchain. In addition, it is possible for a
user to utilize multiple ZENIQ Hubs and distribute assets amongst them. For instance, you can acquire 10 Hubs and distribute assets on each rather than keeping all assets stored in a single Hub. Access to multiple Hubs will allow users to further mitigate security risks by not holding all their digital assets in one device.​

In order to have access to this sovereignty, Zeniq offers several different solutions for the purchase of Hub.Physical Hub, i.e. a device (we can order one or more)

We can also choose a processor called "In house minting". These are also hardware devices only maintained by Zeniq.

Zeniq's entire ecosystem, products services and capabilities.
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The Zeniq Hub Benefits.webp
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The key benefits of using Zeniq Hub are as follows:

  • Easy installation – connection to the Internet and everything else is “plug & play”

  • Quick connection to the ZENIQ App and access to the future ZENIQ Exchange

  • Hub produces ZENIQ Coins from the first day after purchase (before delivery)

  • The connection to the mobile phone can be disconnected manually and quickly via the

  • touchscreen (i.e. if lost)

  • No third-party services required

  • “Shield Technology” (QR Code)

  • Low energy consumption at 110-230VAC / 50Hz, approximately 40watts (similar energy consumption than a laptop)

  • Connection to the home network via WLAN or Ethernet cable

Zeniq has its own blockchain, coin, and smart chain

The ZENIQ Coin is a new coin that was created using the ZENIQ blockchain to support the financial ecosystem as a profit sharing medium through the added value generated by the ZENIQ Exchange. At the same time, the ZENIQ coin will also be used in the future to implement real and profitable ZENIQ projects, with additional listing on other international exchange platforms. The expected development in the value of the ZENIQ coin is therefore linked not only to the profit sharing on the ZENIQ exchange, but also to future ZENIQ projects and as a means of payment for products and services in the ZENIQ ecosystem

ZENIQ blockchain and Zeniq smart chain.webp
  • The biggest benefit for a Zeniq coin holder is the FACT that with every transaction made on the blockchain, the Zeniq coins are burned!

  • This production is programmed for about 18 years. During this time, the minting process continues.

  • We have a limited amount of coins (ultimately around 600 million coins) will be in circulation.

  • Also because there is a limited number of Hubs 01 with full mining power.

  • We have so-called halwing every year. (reduction of coin extraction)

  • Also, among other things, through the regular purchase of Zeniq coins by the company.

  • This option gives you the chance to increase the value of zeniq coins and the entire project


As of today, the zeniq coin is on 3 exchanges:​




The Zeniq Crypto Exchange

ZENIQ enables its community to safely and easily trade any crypto asset.​

Will support cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies (euro, dollar, etc)
We already have our own decentralized stablecoin (EuroCoin) in which there is a fixed transaction fee of only 0.01 euro cent.​

And most importantly, one element that is unique and unique in the entire industry. just according to what is written in White Paper Zeniq, 100% of the profits of the stock exchange will be distributed to ZENIQ COIN holders.
Therefore, it is worth asking yourself the question: Is it worth having Zeniq Coins?

This is a thing that will attract a lot of users. Imagine that the Binance, Uniswap and Kraken exchanges would distribute 100% of the profits to their token holders.​

The stock exchange will be 100% decetralized.​

Additionally, ZENIQ eliminates the disadvantages of the current centralized solutions on the market, using its own decentralized blockchain.


The Zeniq Application

The Zeniq application is completely integrated with Zeniq Hub - an independent physical device for storing, controlling, and managing digital resources at the highest level of security. All transactions and notifications from the digital portfolio are provided to the customer through it. The application also has full access to the NFT market.

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  • The capability of sending and receiving digital assets

  • NFT and Staking Capability

  • Zenia Debit card integration

  • Zenia Hub integration

  • Supporting biometric authentication (Fingerprint)

  • Secure with support of recovery words

  • Swapping functionality between major coins and tokens

  • Real-time fiat and crypto transactions

  • Shop payments (at the “POS”)

The ZeniqMessenger

In recent years, many companies have also tried to do something like this, many people have already tried other applications such as WhatsUp, Telegram, and Signal, but everything turned out to be centralized and not completely secure.

​Truly the first decentralized messenger in the world!

​​Using messenger, users can talk or carry out transactions with each other. Messenger is also connected to the Zeniq debit card

Zeniq Messenger official.webp

Benefit Of ZeniqMessanger

  • End-to-End Encryption (Preventing data from being read or secretly altered by anyone other than the true sender and receiver)

  • Full decentralized conversations (Only you have access to your data, no one else!)

  • Voice over IP (Popularly known as "Internet telephony"

  • Video Call

  • Cryptocurrency send and receive (2nd phase) (During the conversation, you can send and receive cryptocurrencies and money)

  • Group communication (2nd phase) (Create a room for up to 300 people)

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Colorful Cryptocurrency Economy Buy and Sell Platform Facebook Banner (1640 × 1000 px) (2)


ZENIQ SWAP can be considered unrivaled at the moment due to its technical foundation and related mechanics and advantages. By the way, the first transactions on SWAP can be clearly viewed on SmartChain Zeniq. this runs on the ZENIQ SmartChain, which not only allows for tremendously fast transactions but also ENORMOUSLY low fees that are unique in the entire blockchain and crypto industry. Due to all these massive advantages that Zeniq Swap offers compared to all other providers on the market, we can expect a huge growth potential in the coming months and years.

Official Link

ZENIQ SWAP has huge growth potential after highlighting the most important trading pairs.

ZeniqSwap is live.webp
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What passive income opportunities does the Zeniq ecosystem offer?

  • Passive income for staking, at the moment we can attack the Avinoc token (the apy is different depending on the choice of the staking period.

  • Zeniq Coin miting by purchasing a Hub or the so-called in-house meeting hub, which generates coin income for about 22 years, and now you can pre-order each hub or part of it, you can buy the TUPAN minting package (More information about Tupan can be found here CLICK).

  • Another way to increase your income is through a referral program that offers a number of benefits including:

  1. For each new person you invite to use Zeniq services and make a purchase, you receive 10% of the sales value.

  2. For each staking of the person you invite, you get a bonus in the form of stacked tokens.

  3. If the user obtains a Zeniq payment card and makes payments, you will receive 1/5 of the transaction fee.

  • When the Zeniq cryptocurrency exchange is launched (later this year), just like in the case of other exchanges, for the person we invite to use the platform, we will receive 1/5 of the commission on each transaction made by the recommended person.

  • In addition, Zeniq coin holders will be able to stack coins, which will qualify us for withdrawals from the total turnover of the exchange (It will be the first exchange that will give 100% of its income to the user freezing coins).

  • As in the case of Hubs, for purchases of other products in the Safir store, we will receive a 10% commission on sales.

  • If someone becomes more involved and works more, he can build his own structure and then the possibilities of passive income are endless (more on this topic can be found below in the presentation)

There is no doubts In taking the Bold Step Now !!! register using the button below to be part of a great project with many benefits

Affiliate Program 
Earning through Network building activity physical device

More and more people are looking for an additional form of income, Zeniq has something for people who want to work and increase their monthly earnings.

You can start an affiliate marketing business with little more than a computer and an internet connection. There's no need to invest thousands of dollars into expensive advertising campaigns or inventory. All you need is a website where people can buy your product or service. Then, you simply refer them to that website.

The term "affiliate" refers to any business that offers its goods or services in exchange for referrals. These businesses include websites, online stores, and even brick-and-mortar retail locations.

In the entire ecosystem, 70% are people who have Hubs, use the ecosystem and that's it.
30% are people who take an active part in the partnership program. Interested in a few slides about the program

Of course, if you have any question, I will be happy to answer it.

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Summary of the main advantages offered by Zeniq

Among others:

  • Simplified access to the world of cryptocurrencies​

  • Maximum protection of digital assets

  • The connection of the world of cryptocurrencies with the existing world of finance

  • Connecting the world of cryptocurrencies with trading (offline & online)

  • These solutions are offered by Zeniq, in addition to these solutions, we also deal with the possibility of generating assets, with the possibility of increasing your portfolio.

Among others:

  • Generating assets

  • Minter / Zeniq HUB - which gives cryptocurrency income for many years

  • Decentralized DEX exchange with minimal fees

  • Tokenization

  • Affiliate marketing

  • Staking - passive income

  • and a lot more


What is AVINOC

AVINOC was created to become a platform connecting all participants of the aviation and tourism industry. The main goal of the project is to effectively manage all processes and services from passengers to airlines, business aviation and all other participants, from flight booking to rental and charter.

At the moment, AVINOC Token is an ERC - 20 token (Coming soon to the ZENIQ blockchain. Its goal is to enter a new era of aviation and ensure that daily work is done more efficiently and smoothly.

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Colorful Cryptocurrency Economy Buy and Sell Platform Facebook Banner (1640 × 1000 px) (5)

Advantages of Avinoc Token

  • Offers a broad activity space with yet countless untapped opportunities for aviation

  • to target the challenges of the entire industry.

  • The long-term outlook is positive.​

  • The company also cooperates with many noble people, including a member of the royal family H.H. Sheikh Saeed bin Hasher al Maktoum​

  • The United Arab Emirates are the first to achieve a digital economy and are accelerating the UAE's role in the fourth industrial revolution.

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